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A little bit of everything

  • You walk, I drag
    You walk, I drag, I’m a punctured wheel, Struggling to drive along in the same pace, A road full of pits and stones doesn’t help. You laugh, I manage to smile, I ache like a broken joint, I can’t lift the same weight as easy, Being fragile doesn’t help. You progress, I barely cope, I’dContinue reading “You walk, I drag”
  • May I shut the door?
    May I shut the door? I don’t like the light, Or the sound, Even the sight of another like me, Avoid every trace, every shadow, Pulled to an isolation, Comforting and free. May I shut the door? Every door there is, Claustrophobic I am not, I’ll still breathe. No mirrors, no reflection, Just the fullnessContinue reading “May I shut the door?”
  • Borrowed
    Everything, like a book borrowed, Carries on it a stamped deadline, Sometimes in invisible ink, If not returned, is snatched, And you pay a fine for the overdue, The cost of depriving it from entering another life. Permanent, only the imprints A hollow it leaves behind. -SV
  • Have Courage
    Have the courage to dream, And the courage to seek, Everything you wish life to be. The courage to fall, The courage to rise, With a little prudence to keep you alive. Have the courage to take a single step, The courage to take on heights, All resistance you face is just polish to yourContinue reading “Have Courage”
  • Time
    A day feels like eternity, A month a blink, A year a flash, Time, so twisted and warped, Stops for none, though slows down For those carrying a load, Flies by for those on cloud nine. A loss, The pain, The void it contains, Time heals all, they say, Pieces together what it had takenContinue reading “Time”
  • Art won’t coexist
    From the depths of the mind,Surges an emotion, sometimes a deep thought,Itching to find its shape in ink,Waiting for nothing.It cares not, if you are otherwise engaged,You pick up a pen and write,Or it fades away and passes on.Art cannot coexist with routine,or so it seemsIt demands your full attention,Soar or sink in that veryContinue reading “Art won’t coexist”
  • Shine
    Once again, the clouds cover the stars,But they cease not to shine,Burning with energy and passion,Their light travels many a billion miles.Shine like them, I must,illuminate beyond the known universe,Even if only a speck if light in the sky. SV
  • Wither Away
    Like the leaves of a dying tree, Like the warm and melting freeze, Like the rock falling down a hill, Like the prey of an eagle’s kill Fade out, to never be seen. Wither away, oh Memories Like the first drop of rain, Like the fool becoming sane, Like the new buds that’ll bloom, LikeContinue reading “Wither Away”
  • She can’t write
    Words seemed to go away On a picnic by themselves, She knew she had to write, It was a challenge she’d taken on herself. But not everyday, is as good, Sometimes the brain just can’t think, And yet in the madness to keep herself going, She pours out whatever she can think. Maybe tomorrow willContinue reading “She can’t write”
  • Deadline
    Minutes away from a self set deadline, It should be easier to bargain with myself, And compromise on the goal. I guess my resolve trains strict everyday, For here I stay unforgiving, Entertaining no excuse The last person I want to let down is me, afterall. – SV
  • I fail to see
    I fail to see, Who do I understand, you or me? Who do I accommodate for, And to whom do I apologize for leaving behind? Do I even apologize for thinking about putting myself first? I fail to see, When you became so important, That it fears me to think about me. Am I holdingContinue reading “I fail to see”
  • Sleep
    Can’t close my eyes,It’s not the darkness I fearRather what I’ll see,The deep hidden thoughts,And a mind unveiled. Can’t close my eyes,It’s not the silence I fear,Rather the loud voicesThe words they speak,And their dark stories and ploys. Can’t close my eyes,For I’m unhingedCannot save myself from my dreams,They might be a mirror of myContinue reading “Sleep”
  • Is there something you aren’t telling me?
    Is there something you aren’t telling me?Is there something you don’t want to share?What’s stopping you from it?The shame, or the fear that my temper will flare? Is there something I should know,Or rather should have, all along?Is there something that made you keep me,So long in the dark? Tell me now, Maybe I alreadyContinue reading “Is there something you aren’t telling me?”
  • Too few people
    There are too few people,To understand your rhythm,Fewer still, to understand your state of mind,Fewest however,To not need words to transpire,Who know it all,But let you choose silence,When it could pain you to speak. SV
  • Familiar Faces
    Looking around familiar faces,Approachable friendships that are still real,There is no lack of them.And yet, to reach out for and to talkAlmost as if a wall to break down,A curtain on all their faces falls. Soundless mute cries,And wordless begs escape,Just hopes that they see past,The plaster smile void of feelings,And the laughter that’s fake.Continue reading “Familiar Faces”

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